WB 2015 – MSU Ecological Engineering in the Tropics

Costa Rica – MSU / UCR – December 26, 2015 – January 9, 2016


My name is Luis Mora, I am a junior in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Costa Rica.


Mural EEG 18 9 07

University Of Costa Rica

Since I was a child I was passionate about playing with toy brick construction (Legos), which let my imagination fly to build houses, planes, cars, etc. When my dad told me that it is the engineers who design and build, I knew immediately that I would dedicate my life to engineering.

Agricultural and biosystems engineering is perhaps the most diverse in the world, because through it the student acquires knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics (and hydrology), topography, and basic sciences such as biology, microbiology, chemistry and mathematics. Engineering allows graduates to venture into a wide range of areas, such as agricultural mechanization, bioprocessing and soil and water.

In my free time I enjoy playing soccer with my brother and dad, drinking coffee, listening to music, reading books of my favorite author, Malcolm Gladwell, and going out with friends from college.


Agricultural Engineer Soccer Team in 2013. Engineer Championship

The area in which I would like to work as an engineer is in the production of energy from renewable sources and I hope one day to study in a University outside of Costa Rica.


Wind Energy Production in Costa Rica


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